Wear Oh Where is Patrina Tan?

Wear Oh Where recently featured Ms Patrina Tan (Senior Vice-President, Retail, Marketing & Leasing of OUE Limited) on her quirks and irks of juggling work and family life. Read more in the #wowwoman interview below:

Patrina Tan manages the retail portfolio of OUE Group, which includes Mandarin Gallery and the upcoming Downtown Gallery. She’s the woman we have to thank for bringing in brands like Y3, Victoria’s Secret and Bathing Ape at Mandarin Gallery. The mother of four — as cool and stylish in her black cheongsam-inspired dress and Y3 sneakers as you could hope to be when you’re 48 — is always looking at how to revolutionise the retail experience for shoppers. “The Gallery Experience” series of pop-up lifestyle concepts and activities at Mandarin Gallery? Yup, her idea.

As she celebrates her eighth anniversary with OUE and puts her Midas touch on this new CBD-situated mall with a theme of wellness at the heart of it, Patrina is on top of the world — which makes the location of our shoot so ideal. We’re on Level 43 of Downtown 1 with Patrina and a view as this WoW Woman talks about turning her childhood passion for advertisement jingles and clothes into a career she enjoys as ardently as ever, her yummy passion outside of work, and the constant juggling act which is really a small price to pay for love.


On being a good boss

Have compassion and empathy – there is a reason for everything, so listen first. Lead by example. These may be very old-school traits, but they have proven to work for me.

On her idea of a power suit

Boardroom athleisure. I love trendy, affordable fashion over designer items; and I love my exercise gear. But I also respect the audience and occasion, for which I will put on a full-on corporate outfit.

On the indispensable

My mobile phone. Not that I am hooked on game — I need to be contactable, especially for my family and the office.


On her passion (outside of work)

Eating! I absolutely love dining out with my family and checking out new joints.

On her morning routine

Exercising in the morning refreshes my mind and centres me. I commit to a fixed exercise routine every day, no exceptions. My 7.30am classes are meticulously planned every quarter to target different muscle groups.

On her work hours

Officially, 8.30am to 6pm. Unofficially, 24/7! When work is passion, it is not work anymore. It’s part of your life — I eat, sleep and breathe my work.

On her idea of me-time

The only me-time I get are my gym time, and on weekends when I do laps in the pool for an hour, and supermarket-ing. Other than that, I divide my time between work, my family and my parents. These, for me, are my top priorities — at least at this point in my life. It is a big juggling act.

On her sources of inspiration

It can be anything. It can be art or music, it can be history. I like travelling, it gives me the opportunity to see what other people are doing and how, and I’d adapt these new ideas into my work.

On her pet peeve

I suppose I cannot tolerate inefficiency. But I am very forgiving.

On the meaning of success

Success is enjoying what you do, and achieving satisfaction. When your work is aligned with your passion and values, it is much easier to build the company’s character and brand.

On passion for one’s work

We always tell our children: It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are passionate about it. Because when you love what you do, everything will fall into place. You will do exceptionally because it will come naturally. So don’t do a job for the sake of doing a job.

On her golden rules for living a happy/successful life

Be thankful for all you have. Say sorry when you are wrong. Family above all.


Article from: Wear Oh Where, credits to Karman Tse