Orange We Glad for Bud Cosmetics!

When life gives you lemons, make citrus-based skin and haircare products

Tucked away on the third level of Mandarin Gallery, Bud Cosmetics is a cult favourite for the holistic-minded. The shop is a treasure trove of the best in good-for-the-planet beauty – think all-natural skin and hair care products that are plant-based, certified organic and bio-dynamic, curated from a mix of iconic naturopathic powerhouses like John Masters as well as impossibly gentle, under-the-radar lines like Esmeria.

Most skin and haircare products are riddled with chemicals which are extremely harmful to your body. Chemicals such as petrochemicals, come in various forms of mineral oil and fragrances that could end up attracting dirt and clogging pores.

Products from Bud Cosmetics are not only free of these aggressors but will also leave you refreshingly fresh. And nothing stays fresh like citrus!

Here are two citrus-based products you can definitely rely on for a fuss-free, fresh look: 

Always having problems with tangled hair? Fret no more! John Masters Citrus & Neroli Detangler eliminates tangles without weighing down your hair. Lock the moisture in and damage out while enhancing your hair’s natural beauty.

It’s time for a little pampering for those tired hands. Get rid of those chapped and dry hands by using the Esmeria Anti-Bac Gentle Handwash. Formulated to achieve soothing, soft hands, this handwash is made of organic Calendula flower extract and organic aloe vera juice.