One-Stop Shop: Flight 001

Wherever you’re headed for your next vacation, we’ve put together the ultimate travel packing guide so you have all you need for your upcoming adventure. No time to hit ten stores to get all you need? Easy. Head to Flight 001 at Mandarin Gallery to pick up your travel essentials before you fly.

F1 Cargo Carry-On

This brightly colored hardshell carry-on doesn’t just look good, it works just as smartly. The case is designed to be stackable – two or more cases fit together like a freight container, so you don’t have to deal with slipping and sliding cases.


Hate the stress of losing your luggage because of mistaken identity? This ALIFEDESIGN HG luggage doll comes in various cute and colorful designs like an airplane or heart, adding the perfect touch of personalization to make your luggage super easy to spot on the carousel.

ALIFEDESIGN HG 2-Way Luggage Belt

This handy belt not only wraps around the luggage for added security, it also holds extra bags stably with its luggage handle pass-through strap. With a metal head closure, it snaps open and shut easily and securely without you having to fumble around with your luggage.

F1 Pouch

For all your cosmetics, toiletries, adapters, chargers and other knick-knacks, this little flat case is incredibly practical to stay organized. Made from a heavy duty cotton canvas, it also comes in different versions featuring quirky sayings – think “Man Pouch” and “Guy Things” – that will make you want to carry it every day, and not just when you travel.

F1 Flight Lib Passport Holder

Available in four colors, each with its own Mad Libs-themed graphic, this passport holder is just the kind of purchase that will build excitement for your trip. From “I left my heart in ____” to “Don’t forget your *!#%ing Passport” with the words “heart” and “passport” scribbled in marker atop a blank, we love how these fun designs set the tone for new adventures.


Sit back and relax in comfort with this memory foam sleeppillow. It also comes with two elastics on each side of the pillow to hold up your blanket, making sure you arrive at your destination well-rested.