Here’s How to Keep Your
Arm Candy in Tip Top Condition

The irony: the more well-loved a designer handbag is, the more worn down it can get, what with all the adventures you trot it out for. Which is where cleaning specialists like ColorWash comes in, to give your favourite bag or shoes a new lease of life.

At the store, cleaning specialists are trained to meticulously clean, restore, repair and protect your bags and shoes. Every item is individually assessed by the specialist in order to recommend and tailor cleaning services to each bag or shoes.

We sat down with the passionate Gemma (Gil Mi Suk), Founder and Owner of ColorWash to find out more about the personalized services offered at ColorWash.

1. Tell us more about the cleaning process at ColorWash and what does it include of?

Frequent sun exposure, heat and humidity are some of the factors that will hasten the deterioration of our precious bags and shoes. Similarly to the clothes we wear, the key to prolonging their lifespan and maintaining its appearance is regular cleaning! The cleaning process at ColorWash consists of disinfecting, cleaning and moisturizing, which will help to keep your bags and shoes in tip top conditions.

2. Is color restoration services available at ColorWash?

Bags and shoes can get scratched, discolored or stained over time and YES, we do provide full coloring and local touch up services for leather products. Materials that we are able to color include natural leather, synthetic leather, patent leather and nubuck. ColorWash’s coloring and touch-up services also helps to refresh the look of old or deteriorated bags and shoes.

3. Besides cleaning and coloring, what are the other services available at ColorWash?

We provide a range of other services aimed at prolonging the lifespan and maintaining optimal appearance of your beloved items, which includes transparent coating, HD coating, selective bag repairs and degreasing on leathers.

4. How regularly should we clean our bags and shoes, and how long is each cleaning process?

Every two to three month will be ideal and each cleaning process will take approximately take one week on average

5. Is it expensive to clean our bags and shoes at ColorWash?

ColorWash is one of the more inexpensive providers in the market when compared to others. We also promise quality services, always placing our customers’ needs at the highest priority.

6. Will cleaning our bags and shoes damage or affect its original quality?

We always clean to enhance the conditions, not to damage your beloved bags and shoes.