Gallery Glam: Big is Beautiful

Be bold and embrace the current fashion maximalist zeitgeist: Statement accessories, the ultimate expressions of individual personality!


Size doesn’t always matter with statement pieces. The rule of statement necklaces is proportion. While over-sized necklaces were all over the runways from Paris to Milan during Fashion Week, proportion is key to looking more poised and less pirate.

Crystal Mania

Whether polished or uncut, the fashion set are going crazy over rocks this season. Wear them in a multitude of colours as necklaces or earrings to add some impact and character to any look. For a playful, punk-inspired approach to ear candy, pick up some unhewn stones.

Accessorising Your Accessories

As chunky jewellery makes its way off the catwalks, “too much” is now never an excuse when it comes to transforming statement pieces from couture into every day go-to’s. However, don’t forget to pair your chunkiest, architectural pieces with a chic chignon, or a sleek swept-back do.

Featured Stores:

Bimba Y Lola, #01-04
Styleloft3, #03-28

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