4 Travel Bags For Your Next Vacation

It’s already mid-November and the usual haunts for shopping or dining or hanging out are getting packed. For those days still left on the calendar, how about skipping the crowds and checking into a new destination?

Be it a stopover in Prague, a weekend in the Caribbean or a no-frills vacation in India, take a trip this holidays with TUMI and their incredibly trusty travel essentials. Perfecting the journey for Global Citizens everywhere for over 30 years, TUMI carries a wide assortment of bags, backpacks, luggage, briefs, wheelers, passport cases and more. At just a single store, you’ll find all the travel essentials you need for your next getaway ahead.

For ladies: One of TUMI’s best sellers, the Jackie Convertible bag is your travel BFF – from backpack to crossbody, you can carry it anyway you fancy.

For gents: the Bravo leather backpack is the perfect mix of casual and stylish, so the versatile piece works for almost any occasion. It doesn’t just look good; the backpack comes with compartments including a secured compartment for laptops or tablets to help to keep your man stuff organised.

For frequent travellers: The extremely lightweight TUMI V3 Carry On gets our vote for being one of the best luggage around. This exceptionally durable four-wheel carry on is perfectly suited for those who take shorter trips.

For anyone: The superb TUMI 19 Degree looks amazing with fluid-looking angled lines which also enhance the reflective properties and metallic appearance of the luggage case. Designed for short and overnight trips, the luggage features dual spinning wheels, a three-stage telescoping handle, protective bumpers and a hanger bracket to hold all you need when you travel.

Happy Holidays folks and remember to drop by TUMI to get your travel ‘buddies’!