Decluttering Your Work Desk

Halfway through 2016, it’s time for a clean sweep – weed through unwanted print-outs and old notes and clear out bad juju. It’s also a chance to reconsider your organization system, bearing in mind efficiency and aesthetics.

If your desk is due for an intervention, here are our best ideas for decluttering your work zone with these special picks curated by us.

Time Keeper

Keep track of deadlines with these elegant crystal selections from Lalique:

Stay on time for meetings and appointments with this intricate crystal Antoinette clock accompanied by a pair of cheery sparrows, first designed by Rene Lalique in 1931.

Available in Amber and clear Crystal, the stylish flower shaped Soliel clock adds a touch of colour and sophistication to your desk

Clean Clutter

Let these choice selections from atomi straighten up your desk:

A neat way to keep your stationery and knick-knacks with these Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten wooden cases – with modular compartments and divisions you can customise to suit your storage needs.

Let these cute Oak Village wooden squirrels serve accompany you through the work week…. And sit on your documents as a paperweight

Desktop Accessorizing

These tasteful selections from Melissa Zakka will be a welcome addition to your new, clutter-free desk:

Crafted from a traditional Asian ceramic (Celadon), embrace your inner zen with these delightful tea cups.

A sophisticated wooden casing for your tissue box that imparts a delightfully Asian vibe.