A Stylish Getaway In The Latest Outdoor-Inspired Looks

Holiday season is rolling in, and if you are still hanging onto the same few sets of t-shirts and jeans that somehow always make their way into your luggage – it’s time to toss them out.

When you’re on vacation, it’s equally as important to feel the part and look the part. Whether it’s a straw hat with sunnies combo, or a flowy t-shirt dress reflective of turquoise waves, these outdoor-inspired pieces are key for the ultimate stylish getaway.

Get your #fashioninspo from our recommended list of fashion forward looks from Mandarin Gallery and Downtown Gallery to help you travel in comfort and strut with style.

Denim Travel Buddy from Bathing Ape

Coming soon on 20 July: the BAPE® New Retro Denim Collection – “THE RETURN OF ICARUS". This oversized denim jacket is the perfect throw-on no matter where your travels lead to, offering protection from sun, rain or wind. Designed with colourful patches throughout, this piece invites you to also add your own from the unique places of your personal journey.

Bathing Ape is located at #02-08/09/10 at Mandarin Gallery



Funky Prints from L’armoire

Established in 2013, RHUDE is a LA-based design venture founded by designer Rhuigi Villasenor. Growing up with a family of tailors, the young Filipino designer places utmost emphasis on functionality and fit. RHUDE garments are minimalistic and mixed with streetwear sensibilities perfect for traveling, and is produced entirely in the U.S. with fabrics sourced from around the world.

For the ladies, Alessandra Marchi is famous for her refined Italian style: her distinctively constructed womenswear features the finest materials including leather, wool, cotton, silk and fur, all used in the creation of a tapestry of contrasting textures that express her unique sense of fashion.

L’armoire is located at #01-16 at Mandarin Gallery



Batik Wear from Essential Extra

Traveling’s not always about trekking shoes with an oversized backpack. For a chill, laid-back holiday look, deck on original handmade batik wear from Bali, Indonesia, available at Essential Extra. Bringing back the age-old Indonesian cultural heritage with a modern twist through its patterns, designs and styles, these lovingly handcrafted pieces from organic materials by Talu is designed for the minimalist traveller.

Essential Extra is located at #01-40 at Downtown Gallery



Super Sliders from Superdry

If you’re headed somewhere sandy this summer, ditch the stuffy footwear and pull out the ultimate Superdry Sliders. Featuring a plethora of colours and designs, a wide front padded strap and moulded sole for your travel comfort, slide into holiday mode with happy feet.

Superdry is located at #01-08 at Mandarin Gallery and #01-25/26 at Downtown Gallery



Camp Out with Shouten

Whether you prefer to wear your cap in its natural, sporty condition, or adorned with personalised décor and style, an active vibe with an urban twist can be instantly pulled off. Shouten’s navy twill camp cap embroidered with 'ビロ商店' (biroshouten), finished off with natural indigo dyed adjustable tab at the back, is the ideal apparel staple as you jet off overseas.

Shouten is located at #03-23 at Mandarin Gallery



Rugged Canvas by BOLD&CRAFT

Saddle leather is made by applying a special kind of wax to full grain cowhide leather surface that has been smoothed out. The wax enhances the leather fibres and that way, when they are scratched or rubbed, the leather's natural colour changes its shade that gives the antique, vintage appearance. Naturally through wear & tear, the unique look of the saddle leather ages beautifully over time. Strap this Straits Supply – Forest Travel Backpack on from BOLD&CRAFT, to store all your travel essentials for a rustic, vintage look.

BOLD&CRAFT is located at #01-42 at Downtown Gallery

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