#GalleryCurator: 5 Minutes with
June Huang,Founder of et-i-kit

June Huang, founder of et-i-kit, is a woman on a mission: to get people dressed up and ready for nights out. A former accountant, she was inspired to start her own boutique after being frustrated with the generic, uninspired offerings multi-label stores in Singapore had. We sat down with the enterprising tastemaker to hear her out on what never goes out of style and the perfect gift for the fashionista.

How did et-i-kit come about?

et-i-kit started with the frustrations of me not being able to find the brands that I love in Singapore. A chance encounter then led me to New York and we can possibly call it serendipity from there on.

What is the biggest challenge et-i-kit has faced since the company started?

I guess the biggest challenge would be buying for the store 6 months in advance. Not many people know that most orders are placed 6 months in advance before they actually drop in store!

Describe the et-i-kit woman in four words.

There is honestly no four words to describe an et-i-kit woman as style is individual. A dress can be styled as playful and romantic by one and defiant with an edge by another.

Complete the sentence: The perfect accessory every girl must have is…

A piece of understated jewellery. It is the essential item that one can don from work to party.

What never goes out of style?

A plain white tee.

The ultimate Christmas gift for a fashionista?

A pair of gorgeous statement earrings. Always.

Visit et-i-kit at Mandarin Gallery at #02-23.

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