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Beyond The Vines

Step into Beyond The Vines’ (BTV) new concept store at Mandarin Gallery and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how the boutique is designed almost as an extension of the season’s collection. What do we mean? Think a bonsai tree in the middle of the showroom floor, walls washed in neutral tones, and glass panels filled with plants – in perfect harmony with the brand’s nature-themed Pre-Fall lineup. The BTV store is a reflection of the brand’s ingenuity to create. We sit down with the makers behind the gorgeous brand to find out their vision and inspirations.

Describe the BTV woman.

At Beyond The Vines the clothes are designed for the everyday woman who is most interested in style and comfort.

What inspires the BTV design team?

As a team, we're inspired by many things individually - architecture, nature, light, movement, textures, food, travel. The diversity in this makes the process of development of the brand and collection extremely exciting and dynamic to work in.

What is the BTV vision for women’s fashion in Singapore?

The design team is inspired by the Scandinavian movement – where beautiful and functional everyday objects are not only accessible to the affluent, but to all.

We envision a contemporary womenswear label – searching adventure, embracing the future. We strive to create thoughtful, understated and honest designs for the everyday woman.

How has your work evolved since you started BTV?

We're constantly learning - there isn't one specific area of work that has evolved since we started because growing is a by-product of learning. I believe we get better at what we do, compared to at the start. We learn from the choices we make and strive to do better every day, to stay grounded and true to our core values is something we aim for, no matter how big we grow.

What is your motto?

Dream big, start small.

What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work?

We're very much inspired by Art at the moment. The irony of discipline and the complete lack of it required to produce amazing works that go beyond right and wrong is extremely inspiring. It doesn't just apply to the creatives - one can learn so much from Art.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt since you started BTV?

The power of team work. A country is only as strong as its families; a company is only as strong as its team.

What kind of impact does BTV envision having on the Singapore fashion & retail landscape?

We endeavour to create a brand that people can find inspiration – from the products to the entire sensory experience of shopping with us. We believe in a brand that has more layers than meets the eye and we're constantly striving to create that experience.

What advice would you give young designers?

To live a creative life, one must first lose the fear of being wrong.

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